Tips for Helping Your Aging Parents Relocate

Moving elderly parents from the home they’ve lived in for many years poses many challenges for them and for the ones helping with this task. In an ideal situation, the parent will recognize that the home they live in no longer serves them. It may be too big to maintain, or it has too many physical challenges like stairs or bathrooms that aren’t handicap accessible.

More often than not, the decision to move is precipitated by a life-changing experience like the death of a spouse or the onset of a serious illness. In both cases, time is of the essence because the loved one is no longer able to live alone and manage their own day-to-day care. Family and friends will find themselves scrambling to find a new residence and help with the enormous task of sorting through decades or more of personal belongings.

Knowing the tasks that lie ahead for you and your aging loved one will help smooth the transition for both of you.

Know Where They’re Moving

It may sound simplistic, but thinking of where your parents will move is not always straightforward and requires some careful consideration.

  • Does your loved one require nursing care?
  • Do they need minimal assistance with meal prep and transportation?
  • Would they be more comfortable in a community or do they just want to live closer to family?

You may not know the answers, but taking the time to discover them will help both of you know where the next move will be and what it will look like.

Once you know where they are moving, you’ll be better able to plan for the amount of furnishings, and personal items that they can bring with them.

Managing the Move

Packing and parting with possessions is an emotional experience for everyone. Watching items move off a shelf into a box is an all-too-visible sign that things will never be the same. The temptation is to hold onto everything because parting with it is uncomfortable and sad on top of the already heightened emotions surrounding the move.

AARP recommends:

Ask your loved one to name the six possessions that are dearest – not most needed or most valuable. (Jewelry and anything smaller don’t count.) Whatever these items are, they are keepers. Before you begin, get agreement to get rid of anything that is broken, cracked or worn out (unless it’s an antique or heirloom). You can read more downsizing tips here.

Real Estate Considerations

Once the house is cleared out, what will you do with it? In many cases, it’s easiest to hire a listing agent and put the home up for sale. However, there are situations when this won’t be the best solution.

List with a Real Estate Agent When:

  • Your timeline for selling isn’t urgent
  • The house is in great shape and has been recently upgraded
  • There is a budget for making repairs and updates
  • The house can command top dollar from the market
  • There are no outstanding liens on the property
  • The property is not going through foreclosure processes
  • In the case of a death, the sale of the house must be cleared through probate or the administrator/executor has full rights to sell

If those scenarios don’t fit your situation, you still have options and we can help.

Sell Your House to Us When:

  • Your timeline for selling is ugent – we can close within a few days, or work with you on your specific timeline
  • The house needs work or has not been maintained – we buy properties in as-is condition
  • Foreclosure, liens, or other financial roadblocks have resolutions we can help with
  • We can work with you and your probate attorney through the house sale process

We are a real estate solution company and have guided our clients through these tough situations so they had a clear path forward. To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

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Giving the Help You Need, When you Need it Most

With much thought and compassion for those in this situation, we at Revival Home Solutions have created a way to be in service to others where we, ourselves, have been. Our business is not just business as usual.  It is a personal service combined with high integrity and care. 


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