What are RALs and RCFEs?


RALs and RCFEs


In this video I talk about RALs or “Residential Assisted Living” communities. In California they are referred to as RCFEs or “Residential Care for the Elderly.”

We had just returned from a workshop where we learned just enough to pique our interested. We believe  very passionately about the need to be educated. Our education is not limited to real estate, but we also want to know more about the clients we serve, and what ways are available for us to serve them even better.

RCFEs could be the next big way that we’re able to provide help to seniors and their families. By providing this care option, our portfolio of services would be a complete — and affordable — solution.

The “Silver Tsunami”

The need for homes to assist the elderly cannot be underestimated.

  • 10,000 people a DAY are turning 65 years old
  • 4,000 people a DAY are turning 85

There are more people who need assistance than there are communities that can take them in. RCFEs can help alleviate the long wait, and ensure that larger care communities are not over-populated.

We truly are excited about the positive impact RALs/RCFEs could have on our aging community.

Video Transcript

Hi everybody! Jeune Ortiz with Revival Realty solutions here. I wanted to just make a quick video today and give you an update  on how things have been going on our side of the world and inside of our business.

Today we were just at a workshop learning about Residential Assisted Living facilities. And for those of you who know a little bit about Revival Realty solutions you know that it is our mission to help seniors and their families with their real estate problems and help those seniors get into to a safe living environment and also help their family through that situation.

So, the Residential Assisted Living homes, they’re just homes inside of a regular neighborhood so they’re a little bit different from what you might think. They’re different from the the the long-term care communities or the very large facilities where there might be 200 or 500 people living inside that building with 24/7 nursing care and things like that.

Instead, this is a much smaller environment and it’s a home environment. For most of the seniors that would get placed there – it would be a sort of a transitional place before they need to have that really attentive medical care.

What they get in one of these Residential Assisted Living places is a lot of attention. There’s only maybe 10 to 15 people in a house and so there are caregivers who come in they’re there around the clock cooking meals for them helping them with their daily needs providing activities and things of that nature.

It’s it’s an exciting opportunity and I will keep you updated as to how we get involved with that, and all along our journey. I hope all of you are staying warm and dry on this very cold and cloudy Sunday and until we speak again see you later!

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