4414 Dale Ave, La Mesa CA [Project Update #1]

ADU, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Granny Flat

La Mesa, California
ADU, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Granny Flat

If you’re curious about the new San Diego laws around Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), you’re in good company! We’re looking forward to getting this property sold to a family or an investor in mid-February. Check back weekly for progress reports as we transform these three units into a spectacular multi-family property!

Dale avenue is our latest property purchase in La Mesa. It is our first one with multiple units on the same lot. In addition to the main house, there is a one-bedroom granny flat and a studio. It would appear that the homeowner was ahead of his time when he built these two units. Just recently, state lawmakers passed a series of bills loosening up zoning rules governing Accessory Dwelling Units, sometimes known as granny flats or in-law suites.

Affordable Housing

For us, this home represents the coming wave of housing in San Diego. As more and more ADUs are built we are effectively eliminating single-family zoning in San Diego. This is all in an effort to decrease sprawl while providing more affordable housing.

The first bill, AB 68, lets homeowners build up to two ADUs on their property by right. That means local governments don’t have the discretion to deny these projects or impose additional conditions on their approval outside of what’s already spelled out in the city’s zoning code.

ADU Advantages

There are many advantages to purchasing a property that has an ADU. For starters, you can get monthly cash flow by renting the ADU. This rental income can help pay for the overall mortgage. ADUs increase the property value over and above what you would get with just one single-family home. Like the name suggests, “granny flats” give families a way to care for their aging loved ones by having them live close enough to get help, while still enabling them to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Stay Tuned

Last week the roof was repaired! Just in time to ward off the weekend rains! This week we’re tackling bathrooms and getting design plans together for the kitchen! Stay tuned for more updates next week as we progress!